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3 Signs of a Quality Salon, at First Glance

If you are looking for a new salon, there will not be a shortage of opinions on the subject. However, if you are new to town or looking for a salon on the fly, there are a few tips that can help you to avoid hair catastrophes.

3 Signs of a Quality Salon


You should not think of your salon as a breeding ground for infection and disease, but it can be if it is not clean. Proper hygiene is very important to client and stylist safety. Not cleaning instruments can increase the risk of diseases such as Hepatitis or AIDS, but it can more so increase the risk of bacterial infections from accidental cuts from dirty instruments.

How can you tell if a place is hygienic? Look around. If there is hair building up in the corners because they don’t sweep regularly, it’s unlikely that they are cleaning instruments regularly. Unused stations should be clean, and stylists should clean between each client. It is not 100 percent foolproof to confirm cleanliness by a visual inspection, but it does give a good idea of the salon’s practices.


If you are looking for a modern hairstyle, don’t go to a salon that has hair dryers that look like they came from the 50’s…that is unless they are going for a retro look. The place also should look like it was painted within the last decade. Why does this matter? The money put into a salon is indicative of the importance place on the organization. If they don’t care to paint, why should they care to do anything else well? The appearance of a salon is a reflection of its quality.


Lastly, the people working in the salon speak a lot to the commitment of the workers. They don’t have to all be wearing matching attire or even a certain type of attire. They should, however, take pride in their appearance. You aren’t likely to get a good haircut from a stylist wearing pajamas. Again, it is a reflection of the work that will be done.

The Final Message:

It may be possible to get a good hair style at a salon that looks like it needs a remodel, but it is much more likely to get one at a place that is updated, clean, and where people are professional. Frankly, it is a bit scary to go into a salon without the recommendation of friends or family, but a person can limit their risk by being observant.

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