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Transitions: 3 haircuts to get you going

If you have short hair, then you’ll want to grow it out. If you have dark hair, you’ll want to lighten it. Most people want what they do not have, and when it comes to hair, they can get it. However, growing hair takes time, and bleaching hair damages it. Therefore, there are transition periods where hair is in limbo getting to where it needs to be. These transitions are simply opportunities for style.

The 3 haircuts below are modern, trendy, and transitional. That is, they are the perfect way to get where you are going (from a hair sense) without neglecting your look.

3 haircuts for transitions

1. The Long Pixie

The Pixie cut really made a comeback last year, and multiple celebrities jumped on this short hair trend. One of the most notable celebrities to embrace the Pixie was Katie Perry, but few people know it was a transitional haircut. On a talk show, Perry revealed that her cut was not necessarily what she wanted but rather the result of going too blonde too fast and damaging her hair. As her damaged hair was falling out, she did the brave thing and cut it all off.

Fortunately for Perry, her cut was inspiring and trendy, and many women since have chosen Pixie as a liberating cut that showcases the face and can be styled in many fun ways.

However, growing out a Pixie cut can be an awkward scenario. Short turns to shaggy quickly, and it is difficult to purposefully grow out a Pixie without some weird in-between stages. Intentionally getting a long Pixie cut can smooth this transition.

Long pixie cuts can vary, but the latest trend is to grow it long on the top, possibly adding layers for fullness and style as hair grows.

2. Lob or Bob

Damaged hair, like Katie Perry’s, often has nowhere to go but away. With all the balayage and ombre trends, long hair is often damaged only at the ends. Cutting the ends does not have to result in a boring hairdo. A bob or a long-bob (lob) can take hair to a length and angle that remains fashion forward and gets rid of damage.

3. Modern Shag

Shag haircuts can also get rid of damaged ends, especially if the underside of the hair has not been colored. Don’t be afraid to use the word shag. The modern shag is not just-past-the-shoulder multi-layered look of the 70s. Modern shags are cut into bobs and haircuts that are above the shoulder to give multiple dimensions and softness to otherwise angular looks while getting rid of damaged ends.

The three haircuts above are not stereotypically “transitional” haircuts, and many people go to these cuts as a goal rather than a point on the path to a goal, and that is the point. You don’t have to suffer while your hair gets to where you want it to be. Travel there in style.

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