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Get Those Brows into Shape! Waxing Basics

For many people, getting your eyebrows waxed is a basic part of life. You get it done every week or two, and the worst you may ever suffer is a little redness for a day. However, those who don’t shape their brows regularly are mystified by the concept of a salon wax, and they are missing out.

Professional waxing should be a part of every person’s routine, and this is easy to understand once those brows are perfectly shaped with no errant hairs cropping up from should-be-hairless locations. For the brow waxing novice, here is what you can expect.

What Happens During an Eyebrow Wax

Firstly, you should think about the type of brows that you want. Some people want thick eyebrows that define the eyes and add contour to the face. Others want pencil-thin eyebrows that are chiseled examples of their fashion sense. Finally, many people just want their brows to be cleaned up with a natural but clean-cut look. When you first sit in the chair at the salon, you should be equipped with a general direction for your eyebrow look.

If your eyebrows are particularly long, they may require a scissor trim. Don’t worry! They aren’t going to take away your eyebrows, but sometimes some major trimming is necessary.

Next, your brow technician will clean your brow area, so the wax will stick. They may also use a powder to keep the area dry, so the wax adheres. Next, wax will be applied to the brows. It will be warm but should not be too hot. This should not be a painful experience, but the first time may hurt a little.

If using soft wax, the tech will also apply a cloth to make the wax easy to remove. Hard wax hardens to the extent that it does not require a cloth. Wax is applied in the direction of the hair, and it is then pulled quickly in the opposite direction to remove each strand from its roots.

Once the hair has been mostly removed, the technician will look for any hairs that were missed and pull them out with tweezers. A cool cloth will be applied along with soothing oils depending on the individual.

The end result is nothing short of fabulous. It is amazing to see that transformation on a person’s face when their brows are looking stylish.

If you haven’t had a brow wax, you need to get in ASAP. Finish your look by paying attention to the details with an eyebrow wax.

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