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Hair Breakage has Many Causes

Hair loss is completely normal, and the average person with healthy locks may lose up to 100 hairs a day. However, breakage is different, and it can leave hair frizzy and haggard looking. Hair breakage usually happens because hair is damaged, and it can no longer retain its moisture. Talk to your hair stylist about solutions for hair breakage. Here are a few of the causes:

6 Causes of Hair Breakage

1. Dryness:

Dryness leaves hair with limited elasticity and a lack of moisture that equates to brittleness. The cause of dryness can vary and may be due to bleaching, shampoo choice, or even hard water. Figure out what you are not doing to prevent dryness, and find a way to fix it.

2. Heat:

Curling irons and flat irons make hair look beautiful, but they also damage it. To reduce breakage, a person should limit the amount they use these types of tools and use some sort of thermal protectant prior to applying heat.

3. Chemical Treatment:

Bleaching hair is the only way to reach platinum blond status, but it wreaks havoc on hair, which causes it to break. Sometimes, the hair must be cut off if it is too over-processed. However, there are treatments such as Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatments that can repair the hair and lock in its moisture.

4. Pillow Cases:

Believe it or not, your pillow can be a hair breaker. Cotton pillows are rough compared to silk or satin, and the friction created between your hair and the pillow can make it break.

5. Towel Drying:

Towels actually tangle and break hair. Not sure what to do instead? Pat hair dry with a t-shirt or other gentle cloth. If you must use a towel, don’t grind the hair together…you’re just doing more damage.

6. Tight Ponytails:

Many long-haired people have a line of breakage that corresponds to their ponytail holders. It’s understandable to want a tight pony for exercising or other active activities where you don’t want your hair in your face, but find a hairband that won’t cause so much breakage.

There are many other causes for hair breakage, but the overall all idea in prevention is to treat your hair carefully. Don’t tear through it with a brush after getting it wet. Don’t use harsh products, and give your hair a break from chemical treatments. There are also many lines of anti-breakage products that can help hair to retain moisture and some of its strength.

Talk to your salon specialist today about what products and routines can reduce hair breakage. Your hair style will thank you for it!

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