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2 Moroccan Oil Products You Won’t Want to Live Without

When I think of dry, coarse hair that is in need of some love and protection, I immediately turn to Moroccan Oil. Moroccan Oil makes everything from shampoo and conditioner to masks and finishing products, but there are a couple product that really stand out. If you try them, you’ll probably become a lifelong Moroccan Oil fan. Here are a couple favorites.

2 Moroccan Oil Products You Won’t Want to Live Without

1. The Original

The original Moroccan Oil is an argan oil that has become commonplace in the hair industry due to its amazing capabilities. It does everything! It smooths, detangles, smells amazing, and protects hair from the heat of the hairy dryer. Did I mention shine? This product should be a staple in every salon and bathroom cabinet.

This product can be used prior to blow drying hair as a conditioner and heat protectant, or it can be applied after styling to boost shine.

In addition to all this, it is good for the skin! When you are finished applying it to your hair, rub any residual product into your hands for a satiny touch. Moroccan oil is not greasy, so your hair and skin will benefit from softness without becoming slippery and gross.

There are no downsides to this product, but be warned about the bottle. Depending on what style of bottle you get, it may have an open top. This makes it very susceptible to spillage and a messy cleanup.

2. Smoothing Lotion

If you have hair that tends to get frizzy if any moisture nears it, smoothing lotion may be a godsend for you. It has argan oil, vitamin E, and other fatty acids in it, which makes for incredibly soft hair that resists moisture.

This product is typically used prior to blow drying hair, and you won’t get good results applying it to dry hair. Work it into the hair like any leave-in conditioner prior to combing, and continue your hair styling in comfort and with good results. The best part is that your hair will look good at the end of the day because Smoothing Lotion lasts.

Smoothing lotion comes in many sized containers, but if you like it, just buy big. Their 10.2 fl. oz. bottle will last a few months, and it has a convenient pump.

Moroccan Oil has many different hair products, but their original oil and smoothing lotion are clear stand-outs that have become a staple for many people who want to have tangle-free, soft, touchable, shiny hair.

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