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Pulling the Trigger on Bangs

The New Year, winter blues, and approaching spring can all be reasons to instigate change. One of the biggest changes people make during these times are in the looks department. Weight loss and new wardrobes go a long way, but a new hair style is the pinnacle of change and goes a long way toward transformation.

BUT THEN comes the problem of what to change. Color? Length? BANGS?!?!

Yes, bangs are the ultimate adventure and fear in haircuts. They are also the biggest mistake made in hair style plans. That is because people aren’t clear on how to communicate or start the bang process.

Unless you want to go dramatic, bangs are a thing that can be eased into. You don’t have to go extreme during the first cut, and sometimes subtle change is best.

Pulling the Trigger on Bangs

1. Be prepared to lose your simple, roll-out-of-bed routine. Even subtle bangs require some daily upkeep. Especially if your hair is curly, it can be difficult to tame bangs in the morning without a full-on hairdo attempt.

2. Be prepared for more upkeep. Bangs in need of a cut are much more noticeable than long hair in need. No more putting off trims for four or five months.

3. You don’t have to go all out on your first cut. Especially with long bangs or blended bangs, starting small gives you a chance to adjust and decide if you want to go further with your “bangs journey.” You don’t’ have to make a full statement on your first try. In fact, if you are going relatively short with your bangs, they should be shortened slowly to ensure they aren’t cut too short.

4. Use strong descriptors for your hair stylist. Tell your stylist your fears about bangs. Explain what you are hoping to achieve. Use words like soft or edgy. Bring in pictures! Communication will be the key to success.

5. Live a little! If you don’t like it when you step out of the chair at the salon, take a deep breath and realize you’ve just made a big change. It may take a little getting used to. More importantly, if you don’t like it after a length of time, there are things that can be done during grow out to make life bearable. Last but not least, you’ve tried something new! Celebrate that if nothing else.

Some people have had bangs since the 80s or 90s, and going without seems like the risk. But for those who have grown out lovely locks free of bangs, cutting bangs can seem like stepping off a cliff. If you feel like trying it, then go ahead and take a chance. The beauty of hair is that you can take it one step at a time, and it grows back.

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