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Sebastian Hair Care Products

You may have heard of Sebastian Hair Care Products, and they are well-known for their cutting-edge and quality products. Going to a salon that carries Sebastian means you are stepping into a place that knows quality hair products and is equipped to handle traditional and non-traditional hair requests.

If you don’t known Sebastian hair products or only know a few, this list will help get you up-to-date on their basic products.

6 Sebastian Hair Care Products

1. Cellophanes:

Cellophanes is Sebastian’s semi-permanent hair color that is gentle on hair because it is free of peroxide, ammonia, and alcohol. It is a gloss, so it creates translucent color while enhancing and sealing in moisture.

2. Potion 9:

Potion 9 is a leave-in conditioner, but it is also a styling solution. Using this product after washing hair can help to maintain softness while blow-drying, and it can control hair during styling.

This product is a must-have for people who are constantly drying and curling or flat-ironing hair. It takes some of the work out of deciding to use multiple products and provides one, succinct choice.

3. Craft Clay:

Sebastian really covered their short- and medium-length customers when they made craft clay, a matte-textured hair product that holds hair in place without looking like there’s too much product used. It is also infused with natural minerals, so it is healthy.

4. Texture Maker:

Texture Maker adds definition to choppy styles and texture to flat styles. It is similar to other texturizers except that it looks totally natural. Some products weigh down hair and look greasy, but Texture Maker has a matte finish that lasts without looking dirty.

5. Eruptek:

Eruptek is a styling paste inspired by volcanic activity. The paste is spread evenly in the hair, and then it is styled.

6. Dark Oil:

Lastly, one of Sebastian’s latest products has been Dark Oil. This oil is one of very few that actually spray onto the hair, adding lasting thermal protection for up to two days.

This product does not leave an oily feeling in your hair, but it does soften hair and make it more moisture-resistant. It is like many other products, but its ability to be sprayed and amount of time to where it is not felt puts it way above other products.

Sebastian Hair Care Products are an essential for a quality salon, and Salon Dolcetto is proud to carry it along with many other fine hair care products.

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