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How to Fix Fried Hair

It may happen in one trip to the salon or from a rough experiment with a friend in beauty school, but when your hair is fried, you know it.

Fried hair presents itself in many ways. Frizzy, straw-like strands that look like a Halloween version yourself may be the least atrocious version of fried hair. Broken strands that stand up like they’ve been electrocuted may be a more extreme version.

No matter how hard the hair is fried, you will have trouble holding color, straightening, and even combing your hair without encountering abnormal tangles and birds’ nests.

When your hair is fried, there are a number of things that can be done. Don’t just sit there and wait for it to go away. It’s not going away on its own. If you’re lucky, it can be repaired with minimal hair loss.

5 Ways to Fix Fried Hair

1. Sulfate Free

Shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free do not strip natural oils from your hair, so they allow the hair to retain more moisture. This will not likely be enough to repair your fried hair, but it will prevent some further damage and give your hair a fighting chance to rebuild its natural strength.

2. Conditioning Treatment

Deep conditioning treatments or hair masks can do a great deal of hair repair. Hair masks may be left in overnight to insert vitamins and nutrients back into the hair. Deep conditioning treatments do a very similar thing, and both treatments help to repair split ends and damage from over-treatments.

3. Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment is typically done at the salon, and it smooths the cuticles of the hair with protein that is heated onto the hair to seal it. Both keratin treatments (also Brazilian Blowouts) can repair damage done to hair through over processing. Discuss it with your hair stylist to make sure your hair is in the right condition for this type of treatment.

4. Give the Heat a Rest

It can be difficult to get rid of the hair dryer or flat iron, but it will do wonders for your hair! Give it a rest, and at least minimize your heating time more than you did prior to the hair frying. Every effort you make will pay off proportionately.

5. Cut It!

Ugh. Sometimes, there is just nothing that can be done. But this does not have to be a nightmare! There are many short cuts out there that give your hair a fresh start and keep you looking stylish and feminine. Don’t be afraid to cut it. It may be the best choice you ever made.

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