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Lasio Keratin Smooth Treatment…Quicker and Safer

Getting a keratin hair treatment is a process, and it takes commitment to that process to get it to work.

Typically, you start the process by stripping the hair, which leaves it a little haggard looking. This is done with a strong clarifying shampoo. If your hair is very damaged, it will look worse after your stripped hair is dried...but the end result will be beautiful. After the hair is completely dry, the keratin treatment is painstakingly painted onto every strand and dried again. Flat ironing each strand of hair multiple times is a lot of work, but the worst part of the whole process is that it can take days for it to take hold.

If you have a scalp that produces a lot of oil, by the time you get to wash your hair you may really look like it needs it. Let’s be honest though…a few days for luxurious soft hair? Totally worth it. That is why Brazilian Blowouts have become so popular.

Added to the time required for a keratin treatment is the safety issue. For example, Brazilian Blowouts contain formaldehyde at a level that poses some possible risks to clients and stylists. This has made Brazilian Blowouts slightly controversial but still worth it for many.

Now, there is a quicker and safer solution to damaged, frizzy hair.

Lasio Keratin Smooth treatments don’t require the painstaking painting of every strand of hair, and the product can be sprayed on. They do have formaldehyde as an ingredient, but it is at an acceptable level (0.02%). It only takes one day to set, and the results can last up to 4 months!

Like other keratin treatments, this is not a hair straightening treatment, but the company claims that Lasio Keratin reduces curls by 90 percent, which is pretty close!

If your hair is crazy…meaning frizzy, awkward curl, over-processed, and damaged, you don’t have to accept it. Furthermore, you might not have to cut it! Choose a keratin treatment and repair those lovely locks. Lasio removes the controversy from keratin treatments and offers a quicker and safer solution for our hair woes.

When you are considering a keratin treatment, cost is almost not a factor for the incredible results, and keratin treatments generally cost more than other hair treatments. However, Lasio is often less expensive than Brazilian Blowouts, and you don’t have to spend three days with unwashed hair.

Lasio is the perfect option for people who are reluctant to get a Brazilian Blowout due to formaldehyde, and it is a time saver in the hair taming world.

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