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Get Ready for the Wedding…as a Guest

If you are going to an out-of-town wedding, one of the most difficult things to do is get ready. Ironing, make-up, hair, and even brushing your teeth can feel different. When you are going to a wedding away from home, it is best to make use of available services. A salon is just the beginning.

4 Ways to Get Ready for the Wedding

1. Hair:

The first problem with getting ready out of town is that the water will be different. The water may be softer or harder, and your hair will feel and act differently. It can be very frustrating to try to flat iron or curl your hair in a different climate, so let the salon do it!

Not only are salons equipped with shampoo and conditioner that will revive and refresh your locks, but they will relieve some of the tension while you get your head massaged in the sink. You won’t have to get sweaty stressing about your do because you won’t have to do it.

Salons can do all sorts of wedding-perfect do’s, and they can simply do a professional flat iron or curl. This is a huge advantage if your mirror situation isn’t as good as it is at home.

2. Make-up:

If you are stressed about the putting on your makeup like a pro, go to the pros. Any local mall has beauticians or make-up specialists that will do a makeover if you buy a certain amount of product.

A word of caution, this is not the time to try anything new. Don’t let them change the way you color your brows or lips too much. This will result in you feeling different rather than enhanced, and you don’t want to end up starting over.

3. Clothing:

Depending on your hotel, you may have excellent laundry services, and they can steam your outfit. If not, find a local dry cleaner. Don’t let suitcase wrinkles show up to your friend or loved one’s big day!

4. Teeth:

If you haven’t brushed your teeth with hotel sink water, then you are lucky but sheltered. It just doesn’t taste right. Bring bottled water to brush your teeth. Bring mouthwash. Anything to make yourself feel as fresh as you do on a daily basis.

One or all of these options is a great way to be stress-free and confident when you arrive at the wedding. You won’t have to rely on the help of the wedding party, which is a huge plus, and you’ll look and feel great!

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