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Is a Layered Hairstyle Right for You?

Layering is a common technique used to style hair. As the name suggests, it involves arranging hair in multiple layers, typically by cutting one "layer" of hair shorter than the others. When finished, the layers will seamlessly blend together to create a natural look. While undoubtedly popular, though, you might be wondering whether a layered hairstyle is right for you.

Makes Your Hair Look More Voluminous

Because of the way in which layering is performed, a layered hairstyle will create the illusion of more voluminous hair. In other words, your hair will look thicker and fluffier if it featured a layered hairstyle. Depending on the type of hair you have, this alone can make layering well worth it. If you have naturally thin hair, for instance, layering will prevent it from looking stringy. Instead, the multiple layers will make your look highly voluminous.

Complements Your Face

A layered hairstyle will complement your face. A professional hairstylist can create custom layers that are aligned with your facial features. When creating a layered hairstyle, the hairstylist can add layers in areas around your facial features -- cheeks, chin, ears, etc. -- to complement your face.

Enhances the Effects of Coloring

If you have colored hair, layering will enhance its effects. Layering and coloring work harmoniously together, with each technique enhancing the effects of the other. The coloring will further increase the volume-adding effects of layering, whereas layering will enhance the brightness and overall appearance of the coloring.

Makes Your Hair Look Longer

Layering won't just make your hair look more voluminous; it will also make it look longer. Once layered, your hair will have more volume as well as movement to it. The combination of these effects creates the illusion of a longer length. Layering won't physically extend the length of your hair, but it can make your hair look longer nonetheless.

Maintaining a Layered Hairstyle: What You Should Know

Of course, if you're going to get a layered hairstyle, you'll need to know how to maintain it. Like all hairstyles, they require some basic work to maintain. For starters, you should moisturize your hair with a conditioner. A conditioner will add a protective barrier over your hair so that the ends don't curl or split.

You should also use caution to avoid exposing your layered hair to heat. When layered, the ends of your hair will be cut, thereby making your hair vulnerable to heat-related damage.

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