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How to Choose the Perfect Mascara for Your Beauty Regimen

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. When you talk to someone in person, he or she will probably look at your eyes. As a result, you should consider wearing mascara to improve the appearance of your eyelashes as well as your eyes. Not all mascara is the same, however. Like with other types of cosmetics, mascara is available in several different types. If you're thinking about including it in your beauty regimen, you'll need to choose the right type of mascara.

Choose a Universal Color

It's recommended that you choose mascara in a universal color. Otherwise, it may restrict your ability to wear garments or fashion accessories. If the color of your mascara clashes with the color of your shirt or pants, for example, it won't have a positive impact on your appearance. Universal colors, such as black, tend to match most other colors, making them an excellent choice for mascara.

Durable and High-Quality Wand

Something else to consider when shopping for mascara is the wand. The wand, of course, is the handheld, brush-tipped applicator that's used to apply mascara. Nearly all mascara products come with a wand, but the quality of the wand can vary. Cheap, low-quality mascara wands tend to break easily. And if your mascara wand breaks, you won't be able to use it -- not without buying a new wand at least. To avoid this headache, choose a mascara product with a durable and high-quality wand.

Consider Waterproof Mascara During the Summer

Waterproof mascara is the perfect cosmetic solution for the summer season. If you're planning to visit the beach this summer, you should consider waterproof mascara. Most types of mascara will wash off when exposed to water. And when this occurs, it can leave streaks of colored pigment running down the sides of your face. Waterproof mascara solves this problem by offering a high level of protection against moisture. You can swim in the ocean or pool without fear of your mascara washing off.

Check the Ingredients

Don't forget to check the ingredients when shopping for mascara. High-quality mascara typically consists of pigments, waxes and/or oils. The pigments are the colored compounds that are responsible for giving mascara its color. Normally, iron oxide is used for pigments, though some types of mascara use titanium dioxide for pigments. Regardless, you should check the ingredients when choosing mascara for your beauty regimen.

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