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An Introduction to Ombré Hair Coloring

Have you heard of ombré hair coloring? It's become an increasingly popular hair coloring service in recent years -- and for good reason. Ombré hair coloring will blend your hair so that it becomes brighter farther from the roots. Being that there are other ways to blend your hair, though, you might be wondering what benefits ombré hair coloring offers.

What Is Ombré Hair Coloring?

Ombré hair coloring is a professional hair coloring service that's used to blend hair from the roots to the tips. The word "ombré," in fact, comes from the French word for "shaded." During an ombré hair coloring service, a professional stylist will add color to your hair to create a blended or shaded appearance. Your hair will essentially have a slightly different tone from the roots to the tips, which the professional stylist will blend together.

Although it can be performed in different ways, ombré hair coloring is most commonly used to achieve a darker color around the roots and a lighter color towards the tips. It was popularized during the turn of the 21st century when several celebrities were spotted with blended hair. Since then, ombré has become one of the hottest coloring trends in the United States.

The Benefits of Ombré Hair Coloring

Ombré hair coloring offers several benefits. First, it produces a glowing effect that simply looks amazing. There's nothing wrong with coloring your hair in a single color. Many women prefer the use of a single color. With ombré, though, your hair will have two colors -- dark and light -- that blend together to create a naturally glowing appearance.

Another benefit of ombré hair coloring is the simple fact that it's easy to maintain. With other hair coloring services, you may have to get frequent touch-ups to maintain your colored hair. You can still get touch-ups with ombré, but they generally aren't needed. As your hair grows, it will retain its coloring. Your hair will remain dark towards the tips and light towards the roots. Therefore, ombré hair coloring makes it easy to maintain your hair.

You don't have to worry about root lines with ombré hair coloring. Root lines, as you may know, are distinct areas of colored hair that occur around your roots. Your hair will inevitably grow after you get it colored. If you ave naturally light-colored hair but get it colored dark, you'll develop root lines. Ombré hair coloring eliminates the potential for root lines by using a light color around your roots.

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