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What Is Hair Botox? Get the Facts

When most people hear the word "botox," they envision the minimally invasive cosmetic procedure involving injections. Botox has been around for decades. During that time, it's become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for reducing the appearance of fine lines. When exploring professional hair services, though, you'll probably come across botox as well. Being that traditional botox services involve injections, you might be wondering how hair botox works.

An Overview of Hair Botox

Hair botox is a professional hair service that's designed to combat frizz while simultaneously creating smoother, better-looking hair. It doesn't actually use the same chemical found in botox injections. Rather, hair botox receives its namesake from its ability to create smoother hair.

Botox injections -- the cosmetic procedure -- work to relax skin muscles so that the skin becomes smoother. Hair botox serves a similar purpose except it creates smoother hair rather than smoother skin.

How Hair Botox Works

Although there are different ways to perform it, hair botox typically involves a conditioning treatment. During a hair botox service, a professional stylist will apply a shampoo to your hair. This shampoo will remove any oils and residues lingering on the cuticles.

Next, the stylist will treat your hair with a conditioning solution. The conditioning solution contains essential ingredients like amino acids, lipids and various nutrients that make your hair smoother. As your hair soaks in the conditioning solution, it will absorb all of these ingredients. The stylist will then rinse and dry your hair.

Why You Should Consider Hair Botox

Hair botox is an excellent service for combating frizz. If you struggle to control your hair on a daily basis, botox could be the answer. It will expose your hair to ingredients that make it fuller and easier to control, allowing you to say "goodbye" to frizz. When your hair absorbs these ingredients, it will become fuller and better protected against frizz.

Your hair will have a more lustrous appearance following a botox service. Dull hair is a common problem from which millions of women suffer. If this sounds familiar, you should consider hair botox. A hair botox service will not only protect against frizz; it will increase your hair's luster so that it's shinier.

To recap, hair botox is a service that uses a conditioning solution to create smoother, better-looking hair. It's completely different than botox injections. Hair botox simply uses a conditioning solution to restore your hair's smoothness and luster using vital ingredients.

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