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An Introduction to the Ouidad Cut

When researching some of the latest and most popular haircuts, you may come across the Ouidad cut. It's used to achieve elegant, curly hair that's free of tangles. If you have naturally curly hair, you should consider the Ouidad cut. With the Ouidad cut, you can embrace your natural curls without fear of knots or tangles.

What Is the Ouidad Cut?

The Ouidad cut involves a cutting technique known as carve and slice. It receives its namesake from the hair salon where it was invented. Ouidad is a hair salon in New York City. During the mid-1980s, the owner of this salon pioneered the carve-and-slice technique for clients with curly hair.

Although it can be performed in different ways, the Outidad cut typically begins with a wash. The stylist will wash your hair so that it's wet. While wet, the stylist will then carefully cut layers into your hair. These layers will emphasize your natural curls by giving them extra space.

Benefits of the Ouidad Cut

By getting the Ouidad cut, you can embrace your natural curls. Curls, of course, can become flat. You may spend a half-hour curling your hair at home, only for it to become flat just a day or two later. The Ouidad cut will preserve your curls. It will give your hair multiple layers that accentuate and preserve your natural curls.

You don't have to worry about knots or tangles with the Ouidad cut. With the carve-and-slice technique, it discourages knots and tangles from forming. If you're tired of constantly brushing or combing out knots, the Ouidad cut might be the answer. After leaving the salon, you'll have beautiful curly hair that's free of knots and tangles.

Ouidad Cut vs Devacurl Cut

In addition to the Ouidad cut, there's the Devacurl cut. Both the Ouidad cut and Devacurl cut are designed with curly hair. The main difference is that the Ouidad cut is performed on wet hair, whereas the Devacurl cut is performed on dry hair.

Hair behaves differently when wet. The Ouidad cut utilizes these effects to achieve elegant, free-flowing hair without knots or tangles. With that said, the Devacurl cut offers its own benefits. Like the Ouidad cut, it's an effective choice for women with naturally curly hair. The Devacurl curl is simply performed on dry hair, and it uses a slightly different and more customized cutting technique.


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