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Easy-to-Maintain Hair Colors for the Summer

Are you planning to get your hair dyed this summer? Research shows that three-fourths of all women have colored hair. When seeking a professional hair coloring service, though, it's important to choose the right color. Some colors are better suited for the summer than others. By choosing the right color, you'll be able to maintain it during the hot and humid summer weather more easily. Here are some of the top easy-to-maintain hair colors for the summer.

Sun-Kissed Blonde

Regardless of your skin tone, you can't go wrong with sun-kissed blonde. What is sun-kissed blonde exactly? It consists of streaks of blonde -- some of which have a lighter tone than others -- that resembles naturally sun-bleached hair. When staying outdoors for an extended period during the summer, the sun will typically bleach your hair. It will turn your hair to a lighter tone in certain areas while leaving other parts of your hair untouched. Sun-kissed blonde is a hair color that mimics these characteristics.


Another attractive hair color that's easy to maintain during the summer is copper. Copper is essentially a light red color. With its light tone, it's able to withstand the summer's otherwise harsh conditions better than many other colors. Dark colors, for instance, tend to quickly fade during the summer. If you choose a dark color for your hair, you may have to get it recolored every few weeks. Choosing a light color like copper, on the other hand, will make your hair color last longer.

Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde is an easy-to-maintain hair color that's great for the summer. It's similar to sun-kissed blonde but with a few nuances. Dirty blonde, for instance, is typically darker than its sun-kissed counterpart. Dirty blonde also lacks the distinct streaks found in sun-kissed hair. These properties make it a great hair color for the summer.


If you prefer a darker color, you may want to choose hazelnut for the summer. Hazelnut is darker than blonde and copper. By definition, it's a soft brown color with hues of orange or blonde. Hazelnut isn't as dark as many colors, including full-blown brown. Rather, it's a soft brown color that holds up well in the summer weather. If your natural hair color is brown, you may want to choose hazelnut for the summer. Along with sun-kissed blonde, copper and dirty blonde, hazelnut is an easy-to-maintain hair color that's perfect for the summer.


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