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How to Dry Your Hair Without a Blow Dryer

There's no faster way to dry your hair than by using a blow dryer. With their ability to produce hot air, they'll cause the water molecules on and in your hair to evaporate. There are times, however, when you may need an alternative solution for drying your hair. Maybe your blow dryer is broken, or perhaps you are trying to keep your hair moist so that it doesn't frizz. So, how do you dry your hair without a blow dryer?

Condition Before Washing

If you're planning to dry your hair without a blow dryer, conditioning it may help. Conditioners are designed to hydrate your hair while preventing dryness-related damage. As a side benefit, though, they'll allow your hair to dry more quickly.

When you apply a conditioner, it will coat your hair strands in a protective layer. This invisible layer will essentially trap the moisture within your hair, but it will also minimize the amount of environmental moisture that enters your hair. Therefore, your hair won't soak up as much water when you wash it.

Gently Rub It With a Microfiber Towel

Rather than allowing your hair to simply air dry, you can dry it using a microfiber towel. Take a large and clean microfiber towel and gently rub across your head.

Microfiber towels are better for drying than traditional towels because they are made of a fiber fabric. They won't necessarily absorb more water. Instead, they protect your hair from damage. If you aggressively rub your hair with a traditional towel, it may develop split ends or other forms of damage. Gently rubbing your hair with a microfiber towel, on the other hand, will keep it safe and protected.

Wrap in a Towel

Even if you rub it with a microfiber towel, your hair may not be completely dry. To remove the lingering water, you'll need to wrap your hair in a new and separate towel.

There are towels available that are designed specifically for wrapping hair. Known as turban towels, they offer a more secure fit than traditional towels. Simply wrap a turban towel around your hair, at which point it will soak up water.

Change the Towel

You may need to change the towel in which you wrap your hair to make it dry faster. Whether you use a traditional towel or a turban towel, it will absorb water from your hair. Once the towel has become saturated, it will no longer help to dry your hair. By changing for a new towel, conversely, your hair will dry more quickly.


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