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How to Prevent Your Bangs From Separating

Bangs are a common feature of many women's hairstyles. Also known as a fringe, they consist of locks of short-cut hair over the front of the scalp. While bangs can create a more voluminous appearance, though, they don't always stay in place. If you have bangs, you may discover them separating throughout the day. How do you prevent your bangs from separating exactly?

Use a Skin Cleanser

It may sound unusual, but using a skin cleanser will lower the risk of your bangs separating. Bangs are more likely to separate if they are oily. If your skin is oily, your bangs will pick up this oil, which may cause them to separate. Using a facial skin cleanser at least once a day will protect against oil accumulation that could otherwise lead to separation of your bangs. Just remember to using a oil-removing facial cleanser for maximum benefit.

Brush Out Knots

Knots are often to blame for bang separation. If your bangs have one or more knots in them, they may gradually separate. Your bangs will be heavier in the area where a knot is present. Therefore, these areas or sections of your bangs will separate from the rest of the areas or sections. The good news is that you can brush out knots. If you notice a knot in your bangs, run a brush through it. Brushing out knots will create smooth and even bangs that are less likely to separate.

Spritz With Hairspray

Many women use hairspray to prevent their bangs from separating. Hairspray, of course, is designed to hold hair in place, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that it can prevent your bangs from separating. You don't have to use a lot of it. Rather, a light spritz of hairspray directly over your bangs will typically suffice. Hairspray will coat your bangs in an invisible layer while simultaneously holding them in place.

Get Your Bangs Trimmed

If you're struggling to keep your bangs in place, you may want to get them trimmed. The longer your bangs are there, the more likely they are separate. Long bangs are heavier, so they are more difficult to control than short bangs. By getting your bangs trimmed to a shorter length, you may discover that they stay in place more easily. Along with using a skin cleanser, brushing out knots and spritzing with hairspray, getting your bangs trimmed will help to prevent them from separating.


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