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How to Protect Your Hair From the Summer Sun

The summer season is almost here. And as the weather warms, you may find yourself spending more time outdoors. Spending too much time outdoors, however, may result in damage to your hair. Prolonged exposure to the summer sun isn't just bad for your skin; it's bad for your hair. It can fry the cuticles of your hair, resulting in damage like split ends, fraying, fading and thinning. How do you protect your hair from the summer sun exactly?

Use an SPF Hair Product

For maximum protection against sun damage, consider using a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) hair product. SPF hair products are designed specifically to block the sun's UV rays. They are essential sunscreen products but for your hair rather than your skin. Most SPF hair products come in a spray bottle. You can spray the product onto your hair, resulting in the formation of a protective shield that blocks UV light.

Trim Every 2 Weeks

Don't underestimate the importance of regularly trimming your hair. Most women prefer to trim their hair more frequently during the summer as opposed to the cooler months of the year. The summer sun will inevitably cause your hair to dry out. The longer you spend outdoors during the summer, the drier your hair will become. If your hair dries out too much, it may suffer from split ends. Split ends is a condition in which the tips of your hair split away from the shafts.

A simple solution to protect against split ends during the summer is to get your hair trimmed more frequently. Getting your hair trimmed at least once every two weeks, for instance, will eliminate split ends. Trimming will remove the ends of your hair. Therefore, if your hair is on the verge of developing split ends -- meaning the ends are dry and beginning to fray -- trimming will eliminate them.

Wear a Cap

Of course, you can wear a cap to protect your hair from the summer sun. Wearing a cap offers two benefits in terms of hair protection. First, it will cast a shade over your hair that blocks the sun's UV rays. Second, it will trap your hair's natural moisture so that it's less likely to dry out.

Some caps, though, work better for hair protection than others. You should consider choosing a wide-brimmed hat. A wide brim will provide greater coverage so that the sun doesn't reach your hair.


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