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Partial vs Full Highlights: What's the Difference?

Highlights offer an effective way to enhance your hair color. If your hair has lost its shiny luster, or if you simply want to lighten it, you should consider getting highlights. It will create a sun-kissed tone that naturally shimmers and glows. With that said, there are two different types of highlights: partial and full. When getting highlights, you'll need to determine which type is right for you.

What Are Partial Highlights?

Partial highlights is a salon service in which some of your hair will be dyed a lighter than the color than the rest of your hair. It involves the application of colored dye that's lighter than the hair surrounding it. As a result, only some of your hair will receive the highlights.

Foil is typically used to separate sections of hair during a partial highlights service. A stylist will wrap strands of your hair in foil so that they aren't exposed to the colored dye. The stylist will then apply the colored dye to the surrounding and uncovered sections of hair. The foil simply shields the enclosed hair from the colored dye, thereby creating a glowing two-tone look.

What Are Full Highlights?

Full highlights is a salon service that exposes more of your hair to the colored dye. Like partial highlights, it typically involves the use of foil to separate sections of hair. Hair wrapped in foil won't be exposed to the colored dye. The difference is that full highlights offers a more complete look.

When compared to partial highlights, full highlights will cover more of your hair. Partial highlights usually focus on a specific area, such as the hair directly around your hair. Full highlights, on the other hand, covers all sections of hair. During a full highlights service, a stylist will apply colored dye throughout your entire hair rather than focusing on a single and specific area.

Choosing Between Partial and Full Highlights

You really can't go wrong with either partial or full highlights. Either of these salon services will brighten your hair to achieve a glowing, sun-kissed tone. Partial highlights simply offers less coverage than full highlights.

Partial highlights usually cost less than full highlights. Since it only focuses on a specific area, the service is cheaper. If you want a more complete tone that covers all of your hair, though, you should consider choosing full highlights. Regardless, highlights will help you achieve beautiful and glowing hair.


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