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Permanent vs Non-Permanent Hair Straightening: Which Is Best?

No one wants frizzy hair. Aside from being nearly impossible to control, it looks messy and unflattering. Fortunately, you can straighten your hair to protect it from frizzing. There are many different straightening techniques available, but they can all be classified as either permanent or non-permanent. When choosing a hair straightening technique, you should familiarize yourself with the differences between permanent and non-permanent.

What Is Non-Permanent Straightening?

Also known as temporary straightening, non-permanent straightening is the most common hair-straightening method. It's typically performed using a flat iron. Flat irons use heat to relax frizz and curls so that your hair becomes flat and straight. If you wake up in the morning and discover your hair is frizzy, you can use a flat iron to straighten it. It's considered a non-permanent straightening technique because it only lasts for a short period.

Depending on your natural hair type, non-permanent straightening may last for a few days or a few weeks. By then, you'll have to re-straighten your hair to protect it from frizz. Non-permanent hair straightening techniques are defined by their short length. Regardless of what flat iron you use, your hair will only remain straight for a short period.

What Is Permanent Straightening?

Permanent straightening consists of alternative, longer-lasting straightening techniques. They are offered by professional hair salons. As you may have guessed, permanent straightening will keep your hair straight for a longer period when compared to non-permanent straightening.

Permanent straightening typically doesn't involve the use of a flat iron. Although there are several techniques, most of them rely on chemicals to straighten your hair. Keratin treatment, for instance, is a permanent straightening technique in which your hair is nourished with keratin. The keratin nutrients help to eliminate frizz while promoting smooth and straight hair.

The Benefits of Permanent Straightening

With permanent straightening, you won't have to worry about straightening your hair with a flat iron every few days or weeks. It will keep your hair straight for four to six months on average.

Permanent straightening is also gentler on your hair. Flat irons get very hot. If you use a flat iron, you may inadvertently dry out your hair. At the same time, all of that heat can single the ends of your hair, resulting in split ends. Permanent straightening doesn't use heat. Rather, it uses chemicals to straighten your hair, making it gentler and safer for your hair.


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