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The Surprising Benefits of Almond Oil for Your Hair

Almond oil has become an increasingly popular hair care product. It consists of a fatty liquid that's extracted from raw almonds -- typically with the use of heat. After extracting the liquid, it's packaged and sold as almond oil. You can find standalone hair products that exclusively contain almond oil, and you can find hair care products that contain almond oil with other ingredients. Regardless, almond oil offers some surprising benefits for your hair.

Improves Shine

By using almond oil, you can achieve shinier hair. It will coat your hair in a fatty liquid to create the appearance of shinier, as well as healthier, hair. You can apply it after washing your hair. Once you've washed your hair and allowed it to dry, rub in a small amount of almond oil. It doesn't much. Rather, just 1 or 2 tablespoons is all it takes to create shiny and healthier-looking hair.


Almond oil is an excellent hair moisturizer. It won't necessarily hydrate your hair. Hydration refers to the addition of water, whereas moisturizing refers to the addition of a cream, lotion or oil to reduce friction. Nonetheless, you can moisturize your hair using almond oil.

Because it consists of a fatty liquid, almond oil is a wonderful hair moisturizer. Applying it to your hair will create a smooth barrier of fatty liquid around the follicles. This barrier will then reduce friction between your hair follicles. There are other hair moisturizers available on the market, but almond oil is both natural and effective.

Repairs Damage

Another benefit of almond oil is its ability to repair damage. Your hair will inevitably sustain damage over time. Friction, for instance, can cause split ends in which the tips of your hair split away from the shafts to which they are connected. Almond oil doesn't just protect against hair damage, though; it can repair the damage.

Almond oil contains a wide variety of nutrients, many of which have been shown to repair damaged hair. Most types of almond oil contain a combination of monounsaturated fat, linolenic acid, polyunsaturated fat, saturated fat and vitamin E. As your hair absorbs these nutrients, it will heal from damage like split ends.

Faster Hair Growth

Want to increase the speed at which your hair grows? If so, look no further than almond oil. Research has shown that almond oil accelerates hair growth. It will provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow quickly, all while improving shine, moisturizing and repairing damage.


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