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What Is a Blowout Hair Service?

Hair salons offer a variety of services. In addition to trims and coloring, many of them offer blowouts. With a blowout hair service, you can achieve fuller and more voluminous hair -- all without changing the length of your hair. It's become an increasingly popular hair service. If you're thinking about getting a blowout hair service, though, there are a few things you should know.

The Basics of a Blowout Hair Service

Also known as a blowout treatment, a blowout hair is a multi-step drying technique that's designed to lift your hair. It doesn't involve any cutting or trimming. Rather, most blowout hair services consist of washing, drying and styling.

When you get a blowout hair service, the stylist will first wash your hair. He or she will then dry your hair using a professional-grade hair dryer and a brush. While drying your hair, the stylist will brush it upwards so that your hair becomes more voluminous. There are different ways to perform blowout hair services, but most of them consist of washing, drying and styling.

Benefits of Getting a Blowout Hair Service

Considering that you can always dry your hair at home, you might be wondering what benefits a blowout hair service offers. The main benefit of this modern hair service is increased volume. Your hair will have more volume to it after getting a blowout hair service.

Your hair will also retain its volume long after you leave the salon. While they don't last forever, most blowout hair services will last for about a week. And you can always schedule another blowout appointment to maintain your hair's voluminous appearance.

Unlike with many other hair services, blowouts don't involve any cutting or trimming. They only consist of washing, drying and styling. Therefore, a blowout service won't result in a shorter length. Your hair will retain its original length when you leave the salon.

Because it involves washing, a blowout hair service can protect your hair from damage. Washing will remove oil and debris from your hair that, if left unchecked, could otherwise contribute to damage. Furthermore, the stylist may condition your hair when washing it. Conditioner will coat your hair in a protective barrier, thus locking in your hair's moisture and protecting it from dryness. These are just a few benefits of getting a blowout hair service.


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