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What Is a Co-Washing?

Have you heard of co-washing? It's become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional hair-washing methods. Co-washing still involves the use of water, but it doesn't require shampoo. Rather, it only requires the use of conditioner. It's called "co-washing" in reference to "conditioner washing." For a better understanding of co-washing and how it can benefit your hair, keep reading.

Overview of Co-Washing

Co-washing is the process of washing your hair using nothing more than conditioner. Conditioner, of course, is a moisturizing agent. It's designed to moisturize your hair while subsequently reducing friction between your individual hair strands. Shampoo, on the other hand, is a cleaning agent. You can wash your hair using both shampoo and conditioner. If you only use conditioner, though, you'll be co-washing it. Co-washing is defined as washing your hair with only conditioner and not shampoo.

Benefits of Co-Washing

By co-washing your hair, you'll preserve its natural oils. Your scalp will produce natural oils, such as sebum, that moisture your hair to keep it smooth and healthy. Unfortunately, washing your hair with shampoo can strip away these oils. As your hair loses its natural oils, it may become dry and frizzy. Co-washing can prevent this from happening. Your hair will retain its natural oils if you wash it with only conditioner.

Co-washing can still clean your hair. You can scrub your hair using conditioner just like you would if you were washing it with shampoo. As you scrub your hair with conditioner, dirt will be removed. At the same time, co-washing will preserve your hair's natural oils while also moisturizing it.

Your hair is less likely to suffer from split ends if you co-wash it. Split ends occur when the tips of your hair split away from their respective shafts. There are many different causes of split ends, one of the most common being dryness. If your hair is dry, it may develop split ends. Co-washing will reduce the risk of split ends by ensuring that your hair is moist and healthy.

Tips to Follow When Co-Washing

If you're going to co-wash your hair, there are a few things you should know. For starters, it's important to choose the right type of conditioner. Different hair types require different types of conditioner. If you have naturally dry hair, you may want to choose a hydrating conditioner. If you have curly hair, look for a conditioner that's designed specifically for curly hair.

You should also scrub the conditioner deep into your hair. In other words, don't just apply it to the top of your hair. Rather, massage the conditioner into your scalp where it's able to reach all of your hair.


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