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What Is Demi-Permanent Hair Coloring?

Hair coloring has become increasingly common. It's estimated that nearly half of all women get their colored on a regular basis. When researching hair coloring techniques, though, you may come across demi-permanent. Dermi-permanent hair coloring is a service that, like other hair coloring services, involves the use of dye to change the color of your hair. What is demi-permanent hair coloring exactly, and how does it work?

Overview of Demi-Permanent Hair Coloring

Demi-permanent is a hair coloring service that lasts for a shorter length of time than traditional permanent hair coloring services. It specifically involves the use of dye deposits without any ammonia. Most demi-permanent hair coloring services use an alkaline agent. In comparison, permanent hair coloring services use ammonia.

You can find both types of hair coloring services offered by salons. The main difference is that demi-permanent hair coloring services are temporary and use an alkaline agent, whereas permanent hair coloring services are longer-lasting and use ammonia.

Advantages of Demi-Permanent Hair Coloring

Without any ammonia, demi-permanent hair coloring is gentler than its permanent counterpart. It won't cause your hair to dry out, nor will it make your hair susceptible to damage such as split ends. You can seek a demi-permanent hair coloring service without fear of it harming your hair.

Another advantage of demi-permanent hair coloring is a more natural-looking color. Demi-permanent hair coloring services won't "lift" your hair's natural color. Therefore, the end result is a more natural and less-honogenuous appearance.

Disadvantages of Demi-Permanent Hair Coloring

There are some disadvantages of demi-permanent hair coloring as well. For starters, demi-permanent hair coloring doesn't last as long as permanent hair coloring. Permanent hair coloring services typically last for about 20 to 30 washes. After washing your hair 20 to 30 times, you'll have to get colored again with another permanent hair coloring service. Demi-permanent hair coloring services, on the other hand, typically only last for about 7 to 15 washes.

Demi-permanent hair coloring only works for colors that are darker than your hair's natural color. If you want to get your hair colored a lighter shade -- or with highlights -- you may want to choose a permanent hair coloring service, instead. The ammonia used in permanent hair coloring services allows for both lighter and darker colors than that of your natural hair color.


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