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What Is the Devacurl Cut?

When researching trendy hairstyles for women with naturally curly hair, you may encounter the Devacurl Cut. It's been around for about a decade, and during that time, more and more women have embraced it. Trimming and styling curly hair, of course, requires a different approach to that of straight hair. While most traditional cuts are designed for women with straight hair, the Devacurl Cut is an exception. What is the Devacurl Cut exactly?

Overview of the Devacurl Cut

Also known simply as the Deva Cut, the Devacurl Cut is a hairstyle that involves a customized approach to cutting curly hair. It was pioneered by professional stylist and salon co-owner Lorraine Massey. When operating her salon in New Your City, Massey discovered that many women had naturally curly hair. At the same time, there weren't many cutting techniques for curly hair. This prompted Massey to develop the Devacurl Cut, which she described in her book titled "Curly Girl."

The Devacurl Cut involves a custom cutting technique that's individually tailored to each woman's naturally curly hair. It's performed exclusively when your hair is dry, which is one of the ways in which it differs from traditional hairstyles. During the Devacurl Cut, a professional stylist will cut each of your curls separately while they are dry. The professional stylist will also use a custom approach to ensure that your natural curls aren't disrupted.

Benefits of the Devacurl Cut

With the Devacurl Cut, your curly hair will look amazing. Contrary to popular belief, most women don't have straight hair. Statistics show that over three in five women have naturally curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair, you should consider getting the Devacurl Cut.

The Devacurl Cut is designed specifically for women with naturally curly hair. The problem with most traditional cuts is that they are designed for women with straight hair. You can still get a traditional cut, but there's a good chance it will disrupt your natural curls. The Devacurl Cut offers a solution. It will retain your natural curls while providing you with a beautifully sculpted custom hairstyle.

You'll also have an easier time keeping your hair tangle-free with the Devacurl Cut. Tangles are common with curly hair. As your individual hair strands wrap around each other, it can lead to tangles. The Devacurl Cut discourages tangles by retaining your hair's natural curls.


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