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What to do When You Have Thinning Hair?

Are you losing your hair? What have you done about it? Hair loss can be quite an embarrassing thing for both male and female. If you are frustrated, it is understandable, but don’t tear the remaining hair strands out in trying to find an answer. Balding and hair loss is one part of the aging process, but your thinning hair can be fixed as long as you have a good hairdresser. If you are man and you find yourself with receding hair or thinning hair, you could just go all out and have it shaved completely so that you now have a bald head. In fact, bald head is now a fashion statement among men, old and young.

Keeping Your Hair

If you are a female with thin hair, you might not want to take such a drastic action by balding your head. Women take pride in being able to wear different hairstyles. Balding does not allow for this. There are a few women who have done that, but for the most part, women see hair as a reason and a chance to be fashionable and trendy. So are you ready to know how to maintain your entire head of hair strands? Let’s explore hair treatments.

Salon Products

There are multiple products that promise hair restoration, but not all of them work. So, you have to be careful. Check with your hairstylist first before you buy any hair products from an outside source or even over-the-counter store. Salon products that are recommended by a hairdresser tend to be more safe and sure.

Transplant or Extensions

We have already established that hair loss and hair balding is common. Some people will choose hair transplant as a treatment method while others will rely on their hairstylists to apply treatment products and be patient enough to wait to experience the results. Hair transplant could be quite expensive and so, if you don’t have the money to take that route, choose a hairdresser that knows how to restore thinning hair. While you wait for your hair to be restored, you could consider wearing a wig, hair extension or hair piece.

Be Forewarned

Make sure that if you are using any additions to your hair strands, it matches the color of your hair. However, if you have thinning hair, it is not wise to put in hair weave on your already brittle hair strands. It is best to have the hairdresser braid your hair into a cornrow and then put on your wig or hair extension. Do not keep these in too long. Redo each time that you have your hair treated by your hairstylist.

The Bottom line

Every person has a different hair texture. So, even if you have thinning hair, you should discuss the right type of treatment with your hairdresser. Don’t try to apply treatment on your own or you may make matters worse. Schedule a hair salon appointment today to discuss your options.

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