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Winter Hair Care Tips

Fall weather is exciting because we get to transition our wardrobes, hairstyles and cuts into the fall fashion which is always fun because of the sweaters, buns and other fall-favorite hair-dos. The important thing to remember is that winter is just around the corner and that means we need to up our hair-care game. Winter weather can make our hair brittle and dry. To prevent this, here are some winter hair-care tips.

Shampoo Less

We all love to shower and get clean but showering too much can actually be bad for your hair because it washes out too much of the natural oils our hair produces to keep it soft and healthy. When we consistently wash out all the oil our scalps can overproduce oil and make our hair look oily. Another thing you can do is to shower in warm water instead of hot. Using hot water can add to making our hair and skin dry out that much more. Try using professional quality dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash to help avoid any oily looking hair.

Protect Your Hair

This is two-fold. Literally protect your hair from the weather by wearing hats, hoods, and beanies. You also should protect your hair by using high-quality salon grade heat protectants. Using too much heat on your hair without a professional quality heat protectant will contribute to drying your hair out, increasing split ends and frizziness. Dry using heat sources less often if you can. Try letting your hair dry naturally or wear a beanie instead of straightening your hair everyday.

Hydrate and Keep Up on Maintenance

Healthy hair in the winter requires a little extra love. Schedule appointments with your stylists for a trim to get rid of those split ends and for a bonus ask about conditioning treatments to increase the moisture your hair is getting. Winter weather makes it very easy for your hair to dry out. The cold air outside combined with having the heat on inside strips moisture from your hair and skin.

Extra Products for the Struggling Scalp

Some of us do what we can to take good care of our hair and scalp but we are extra sensitive to the weather and dryness. For a little extra help try using products like Nioxin which can help prevent and heal dry, itchy scalps and provide moisture for dry hair. Nioxin can also be helpful in treating dandruff and other scalp problems as well as avoiding the winter blues that come from unhealthy hair.

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