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Tips To Finding The Right Stylist

It can be quite the challenge to find a good stylist that embodies everything you are looking for, and it is important to find a good fit! Finding a stylist that works well with you and is able to give you the results you are looking for is necessary for having a good relationship with professional services. Here are a few tips on how to find the right stylist and the qualities that can help you narrow down the search.

Look at the Reviews

The simplest way to begin your search for the right professional hairstylist is to conduct a search on the internet of salons and stylists in your area. You can read reviews from other customers that have already used their services, as well as reviews on particular stylists at each salon. Another great way to get reviews on certain stylists or salons is by asking around. Ask your co worker that always has the perfect cut or color where they go and who does their hair.

Use Your Social Media

Social media isn’t just for posting selfies or pictures of your sunny vacations anymore. Get on the salon’s Facebook page and follow stylists on Instagram to see their work. Actually seeing some of the cuts, colors, and other services that the stylist has done is a good way to judge if they will be able to help you get the look you are going for.

Talk To Them

Another really important aspect of choosing a stylist is getting to know them! You don’t want to be stuck in a chair for an hour every three months with someone that you can’t stand. Look for a stylist that is friendly and easy to get along with.

Remember that is very important that your stylist listens to you. When you are talking to your stylist make sure that he or she is listening to your questions and addressing your concerns. You don’t want to be in the chair of someone who disregards your wishes! You are sure to leave unhappy and possibly in tears if you don’t have a stylist that understands good communication.


If you have a particular brand of product that you like to use you can also narrow down a stylist based on salons that use and sell those products. Typically a salon’s website will list the product brands that they use but if you have any questions go ahead and give them a call to clear things up.

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