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Hairstyles For Cute Fall Hats

As fall and winter are approaching, the temperature keeps dropping, leaving our ears exposed to the chill and our heads losing heat quickly. To combat this, many people like to wear hats and scarves to try to keep warm on chilly mornings and dull days, plus there are some very cute hats out there my friends. The trick is knowing how to style your locks under that adorable cap so you can look fly or fleek or on point, whatever it is you are trying to do! Wearing hats is a fun way to look cute and cozy, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to do with your hair under them. Read on to find out some of our favorite ways to look gorgeous and warm this fall and winter!

Let Down Those Locks

Our favorite go to look for when you are going to be rocking a hat is to simply let your hair be in its natural state. Run a brush through your hair and tame any crazy little guys, but other than that, relish in your easy and lovely look. Pull your cute hat on and enjoy the easy hair day!

Curls Or Waves

This is for those that just can’t get themselves to let their hair’s natural state be how they leave for the day. If you are adamant that you need to do something with your hair, take the time to throw in a few simple curls or use some salt spray to set some soft beachy waves to poke out under your cap!

Thick And Messy Braids

A personal favorite, a low side braid is a lovely way to look put together and snuggly while wearing a hat, but still doesn’t take you a long time to achieve! Pull your hair back to the base of your skull, then to one side. Braid your hair into one long braid that falls over your shoulder and secure it with a tie. Take a moment to muss up the strands a bit and pull the braid apart ever so slightly to give it a thick and mussed look. Top with a sweet hat and you are ready for a very fashionable outing.

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Yep, those of you with the sexy short hair don’t have to worry too much when you put on a cap for the day. Some cute curls or waves may poke out the bottom of your hat, or you might just cover up all your hair depending on the length.

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