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Hair Tips To Look and Feel Like a Model (Pt. 1)

We all know that the people we see in magazines and on billboards not only have teams of hairdressers, makeup artists, and stylists to get them looking their best, there is also a certain amount of editing that happens before we see the photo. Even when models are seen on the runway, we know that teams of professionals worked together to get them looking that perfect. So how are you supposed to look and feel like a model yourself? You learn from the professionals themselves! We gathered the best hair tips professionals have to share with you to get your hair looking just as modelesque and sexy every day!

Hair Care Is Key

The way you treat your hair and the way you care for it regularly is the very first step in creating strong, healthy, and beautiful hair. Be sure to use high quality shampoo and conditioner instead of cheap brands that contain harmful chemicals. The extra money you spend on the higher quality products are going to be worth it, we promise.

Experts agree, there is no need to wash your hair every single day. Try going without shampooing your hair every other day in order for that natural oils your scalp produces to do their job and nourish your hair and keep it soft, shiny, and beautiful. Another great tip for those with long hair, using a bristle brush, brush your hair each night from scalp to ends to help bring the oils all the way down that hair shaft. This can help prevent split ends and keep the entire hair strand healthy and well.

This is also where you want to invest in a heat protectant that is going to really protect your hair and replenish it. Remember, you must use the products regularly for them to really make a difference. Every time you are going to put heat on your hair, use that heat protectant.

Get To Know Your Hair Stylist

The best hair is the hair that gets in for a trim regularly. Trims are incredibly important if you want your hair to grow out well, avoid breaking off, and keep ahead of any split ends that you get. Another benefit of getting in to see your stylist often is that they offer so many great services that can really bring out the best in your hair. Consider getting a deep conditioning treatment or another service that can treat your specific hair needs! Your stylist will be happy to advise you on what would be a good fit.

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