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6 Hair Tips for Rainy Weather

It won't always be sunny with clear skies when you step out of the front door. Regardless of where you live, it will probably rain on occasion. Rainy weather, of course, can create problems for your hair. You may notice that your hair frizzes or tangles when it rains. While you can't control the weather, however, there are several ways to protect your hair during rainy weather.

#1) Use Conditioner

Conditioner can help protect your hair during rainy weather. When applied, it will create a protective barrier over your cuticles, thus shielding them from the rain. Conditioner is designed to moisturize hair by sealing it. It essentially adds a layer of moisturizing compounds over your cuticles. Not only does this layer keep your hair moist and hydrated, but it protects your hair from rain and humidity as well.

#2) Apply an Anti-Frizz Serum

In addition to conditioner, using an anti-frizz serum will give you greater control over your hair during rainy weather. Anti-frizz serums live up to their namesake by protecting against frizz. Like with conditioner, they'll seal your cuticles so that they are shielded from rain and humidity.

#3) Carry an Umbrella

You can keep your hair dry during rainy weather by carrying an umbrella. If there's rain forecasted for the day, bring an umbrella before leaving your home. An umbrella won't necessarily protect your hair from humidity. Nonetheless, it will protect your hair from direct exposure to the rain.

#4) Don't Wash Too Often

If you live in a region where it frequently rains, you should consider cutting back on the number of times that you wash your hair. Washing will remove the natural oils from your hair so that it's more susceptible to rain-related frizzing. Each time you wash your hair, you'll remove some of these oils.

#5) Use a Wide-Tooth Brush

With a wide-tooth brush, you can control your hair so that it doesn't frizz after being exposed to the rain. Wide-tooth brushes are gentler than narrow-tooth brushes. They'll allow you to remove knots and tangles so that they don't lead to frizzing.

#6) Dry Immediately

Try to get into the habit of drying your hair immediately after it's been exposed to rain. The longer your hair remains wet, the greater the risk of it frizzing. Using a towel or blow dryer, however, will minimize the risk of frizzing.


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